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August 4, 2011
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"So yeah. Do you think she likes me?" asked the young Bostonite, who put his bat behind his head so it's resting on his shoulders. "Yo, hard hat dida ya hear me?" The short Texan looked up from his gun. He has grease all over his face and clothing; he then put his hand on his helmet and starting rubbing his head.
"What were ya'll saying boy?" He then got back to work.
"Geeeez. Your no better then that fat, bald, bastard."
"Boy watch yer mouth." Scout sighs.
"Anyway I was telling you about this girl from back home, who would always pick on me. So I asked you if you think she likes me…"
"I don't know pardner, she might, and I mean woman are hard to understand. Now if ya'll are gonna help me then help. But if you're just gonna talk then go make yerself useful and go get the enemy Intel." Scout turns to leave
"I was just getting' to that hard hat," Scout turns back to engineer. "By the way---" engineer interrupted Scout.
"Scout look out behind ya!"
Just as scout looked behind him he saw the enemy Heavy getting his gun ready to fire. The gun started to whir, it all happened so fast Scout was pushed to the ground. He looked up and saw engineer being pelleted with bullets. Just as it started, it stopped. Thanks to Soldier coming behind the Heavy and killing him. Soldier ran to his comrades.
Engineer started to fall back, Scout caught the engineer before he could reach the ground. Scout laid him across his lap. Scout had tears in his eyes.
"Yo-you okay?" Stuttered Engineer.
"I'm getting medic, I'll be right back."
"No, Scout… It's t-to late fer… me…" Engineer coughed up blood. "That can't be good…"
Soldier took off his helmet and put it over his chest.
"Hard hat you didn't have to do that! I could've gotten out of the way myself!" Tears are streaming down the Scout's face. The engineer just smiled at Scout.
"ANSWER ME! Why did you do that?!"  Engineer looked up at Scout.
"S-Scout. I did it because… You're like a son… t-to me. I couldn't-wouldn't let ya'll get hurt."
"But what about your family? What about your wife? And your four year old daughter?!"
Engineer ignored scout. "S-Solly…"
"Yes?" Answered Soldier.
"Can, can ya'll do… me a favor?"
"Anything engie." Soldier bent down by Scout.
"Wa-watch over, the kid. And most… importantly… watch…over…my…family…." The engineer went limp.
"Hard hat? Hard hat!" Scout was shaking engineer. "Don't leave me! You were like the father I never had!!!" Soldier grabbed Scout by the arm.
"Son, he's gone," Scout just unleashed all his tears. Soldier grabbed Scout in a hug, and cried with him.
This is just a preview of what I might be writing if you guys like it. Again this is just a preview, the story is going to be a little different. :3
So yeah what did you think? I think its okay. I mean I wanted to write a TF2 fan fic and this actually happened. I sacrificed myself for my sister so yeah true story. But again if you guys like this then I shall make more. So please, please, please comment and let me know if your interested in hearing the whole story. :)
Team Fortress 2 and all its characters (c) Valve
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