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September 4, 2011
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It was May 18th, when it happened. I knew something was wrong… I just couldn't put my finger on it. All day just felt weird to me.
I had just got done doing the dishes from supper, when there was a knock on the door. I being the only parent in the house, since Drew was in the war, answered the door. I saw a man dressed in a dark blue suit; he took his white hat off.  His light brown hair was cut thin, he had light blue eyes, he was muscular, but that's what happens when you're in the Marines.
"Mrs. Anderson?"
"Yes?" I replied.
"I'm Caption Christian Taylor. I'm hear to tell you that something happened…" Tyler, our oldest child who is six comes running.
"Mommy?" He tugs on my pants, I look at him. "Is Daddy coming home yet?"
"We'll see babe, now will you go watch your sister for me?"
"Okay Mommy." He leaves. I turn to the man.
"Mrs. Anderson… Do you mind if I come in?"
"Of course come in," I let him in.  "Make yourself at home. Just let me put the kids to bed." He takes a seat at the kitchen table. I take Amy, who is two years old to her room.
Amy's room is pink, with glitter everywhere.  I cover her up in her bed that has "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" sheets. I tuck her in.
"Yes sweaty?" I asked.
"I want Daddy to tuck me in." I look in her tear filled green eyes; she has her father's eyes.
"Pumpkin, we had this talk before. Daddy wont be back for awhile," I smile wiping away her tears. "Please don't cry honey. Daddy wouldn't want to see his big girl crying, would he?" She shakes her head no.
"Good. Now get some sleep." I kiss her good night.
"Love you Mommy."
"Love you to pumpkin." I turn the light off and close the door, but leave it open a crack.
I go down the hall to Tyler's room. His room is blue with superhero posters everywhere. He's in his bed, which has "Spider-man" on the sheets. I tuck him in as well and kiss him good night.
"Night honey, love you."
"Night Mommy, love you too." I also close the door but leave it open a crack.
I go back to kitchen, to see Caption Taylor looking at the pictures that Tyler and Amy drew for Drew.
"Sir?" He turns around.
"Mrs. Anderson----" I interrupt him.
"Please call me Hanna."
"Hanna.  I don't know how to tell you this, but Lieutenant Anderson sacrificed himself for a fellow soldier." I couldn't believe what I was hearing; sure Drew did stupid things, but this… This was something new.  I sit down in a near by chair. Tears stream down my face.
"What?" I squeak.
"…I'm sorry for your loss." I put my hand over my mouth. Time seems like it froze. I mean we had just talked with him yesterday over Skype… How could this be?
"What happened?" I asked.
Caption Taylor sighs. "His unit was ambushed…."

I just got done Skypeing with Hanna and the kids, God I miss them. I would do anything to hold them. I miss having tea parties with Amy, my baby girl, I miss playing with Lego's with Tyler, my son who looks exactly like me, and I miss my Hanna, my wife who I'd do anything for---
"Lieutenant Anderson?" I turn around to see a young man, with brown hair, and browns eyes. He was dressed like anyone else in the military.
"We might've found something."
"Okay, I'll be right there." I close the laptop, get up and exit the tent. The land was rocky and dusty.  The sun was beating down on us; we're on a recon mission. We've been tracking down Al Qaeda for a while now.  They've been getting smarter, and harder to track down.  The same young man from before is looking at the ground at something. I don't know what it is from where I am. I walk and stand by him. He salutes me. I do the same.
"Sir we found this." He gave me a note, which was tied to a little black box. I take the note off, unwrinkled it.  It reads: *" تحترق في الجحيم الكلاب الاميركية!"
"The hell? What the hell does that say?" Asked the same young man.
I was about to speak when I heard this buzzing noise. I looked at the box. My eyes widen.
The buzzing was coming from the box. That can only mean one thing…
"Soldiers get the fuck out of here!"
"What is it sir?!"
"It's a fucking bomb! Get out of here!"
"But what about you sir?!"
"I don't know how powerful this thing is or how soon it'll go off so I'll dispose of it. Get as far away as you can."
"But sir!" I push pass him and I start sprinting.  I don't know where I'm going. I just need to get this bomb away from my men as far away as possible.
My lungs are hurting. I don't stop I just keep running. The buzzing stops.
I look at it.  Time seemed to freeze, my life was flashing before my eyes; I could see Hanna's, Tyler's, and Amy's smiling faces. I knew I'm not going to see them again.
It happened all to fast, I hold the box close to my chest.
I close my eyes.

"The blast from the bomb killed him… I am truly sorry for your loss Hanna," Tears pour down my checks. "He was a good man, and a good soldier." He hugs me. Caption Taylor looks up, I look to see what he's looking at. There I see Tyler and Amy. Tears are running down their small faces. They run to me. I hug them tightly and weep with them.
"Mommy?" Asked Amy.
"Yes?" I choke.
"Daddy's not coming home is he?" I don't know how to answer her. I take a moment.
"I'm afraid not honey." We weep harder.
"Hanna?" Asked Caption Taylor. I look up at him.
"If it means anything to you. Your husband died a hero, and he won't be forgotten."
"I know…Thank you." I weep. I look up to see the family picture. His smiling face. I cry harder.
"Mommy?" Asked Tyler. I look at him. A spitting image of his father. "Mommy please don't cry. Daddy wouldn't want you to cry…"
My playlist that I listen to while writing:
But please, my fellow Americans, let us remember all of our brave men and women who is/have served our country. And if any of them are reading this then I am honored, and I want to thank you for serving our country.

Christian is in this story. I love Christian, and what's this? Another O.C??? Lieutenant Drew Anderson? I think so! :D
P.S: I plan on writing a part two...If you guys cared. P.S * Means: Burn in hell American dogs!
P.S.S: Re-edited
Daddy's Sacrifice (c) NeekoL4D
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musicmyobsession Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
The emotions in this story - simply amazing. well done!
NeekoL4D Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
I try. Thank you for the comment <3
musicmyobsession Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
My pleasure :)
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I hope you liked it :3
W-H-A-M2 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I did very much :tighthug:
The Emotions were in the words, The Truth of a Soldier's Sacrifice was written in the story as well. Semper Fi :salute:
NeekoL4D Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you! :huggle:
W-H-A-M2 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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